Sample Meeting

Elements of a Typical Meeting

Meeting Theme: A subject that members are encouraged to incorporate into their introductions or other parts of the meeting.

Invocation & Toast: Words of inspiration to get the meeting off to an enthusiastic start.
Tip of the Week: A useful tip that members can apply to their everyday life. The tip is not necessarily related to public speaking.
Word of the Day: A word and its definition is selected to enhance member’s vocabulary. Use of the word throughout the meeting is encouraged.
Humour: A sharing of tasteful humour that helps members learn to effectively tell jokes.
Business Section: The business portion of the meeting is useful for gaining experience in facilitating a formal meeting. It may involve reports from club executives, motions and announcements.
Table Topics: A chance for members and guests to practice their impromptu speaking. Participants have up to two minutes to present their ideas on a given topic.
Prepared Speeches: Members deliver prepared speeches based on criteria from the speaking projects in Pathways.
Evaluations: Feedback is given for all speakers and the meeting as a whole. It is provided by fellow members in a positive, supportive way to help members become better Toastmasters and communicators.
Timing: Speakers are timed to help them stay within the time frames of the meeting and speech assignments.